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Experience and professionalism since 1962

Mori s.n.c. was founded in 1962 in Lumezzane as a manufacturer of cylinders for locks to be applied to wooden, glass, panic doors and gates.

Always a family-company, it has confirmed the transmission of passion, commitment and ingenuity from generation to generation, obtaining an increasingly innovative and competitive product.

Today, the range of products has expanded to all lengths of cylinders and half cylinders with different degrees of safety, reaching a high quality and production capacity. Thanks to our flexibility, we are able to satisfy all the variety of customers, from the hardware store to the large manufacturing company.

Improvement is constantly taking place, like the desire to look to the future, always accompanied by the experience and artisan creativity that distinguishes us.



We have always produced in Italy obtaining a 100% MADE IN ITALY finished product. In fact, starting from the design and passing through the raw material and suppliers we are able to give the customer the total Italian quality that he expects and requires.


The substantial difference between us and the other manufacturers of lock cylinders is that in addition to our finished product we are able to give the customer, who wants it, a complete customization.
By customized product we do not only mean the customer's recognition brand, but also a study that includes the customization of the key and its profile, a dedicated coding, making it unique.